Seventy-mile per hour pitches, 240-foot home runs, soft hands and lightning-quick reactions all wound into seven feverish innings of gritty, gutsy, fast-paced action. Welcome to hard-hittin', fast-pitchin', affordable family fun. Welcome to National Pro Fastpitch! (NPF)

NPF  is intended to provide family entertainment for people of all ages and to showcase the top talent in fastpitch softball today. The primary goal for the league is to secure fastpitch softball as a professional sports option for generations to come.  It is also a goal of the League to entertain and provide positive role models for young people. NPF demonstrates work ethic, dedication, and love for the sport of fastpitch softball.  NPF athletes exhibit this through their actions, both on-and-off the field.  They are prominent people within their communities and appreciate and embrace the fans that follow their play through NPF action.

Six Teams will compete in 2017 with additional teams expected in 2018 due to on-going expansion efforts.  NPF has committed to, and built, a strong national presence through plentiful action both on linear cable and network television, as well as the digital platforms of NPFTV, and others. That presence, along with growing in-venue attendance, provides a solid foundation for partners with whom the league shares a common audience attraction. In the 2017 season, the entire slate of regular season action, 150 games, will  stream live  on NPF’s exclusive digital platform, NPFTV.  In addition to that,, FloSports and The Olympic Channel will carry select games and original features. All of this coverage will again provide consistent and measurable return for league sponsors, partners, and suppliers.

NPF is dedicated to working with partners who find positivity in the potential relationship with NPF fans. Multiple outlets and unlimited activation opportunities coupled with the willingness of NPF teams and the league to execute, map out a winning relationship for corporate partners. Another added value to partnerships is NPF’s status as an Official Developmental Partner of Major League Baseball, positioning that has been in place since 2004.

The development partnership with Major League Baseball, the broadcast support of local and national networks, the support of industry sponsors, the experience and commitment of team owners and the exceptional talent of NPF athletes and coaches combine and point toward a future that is bright and full of promise.