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NPF Players in the Spotlight: Week 9 Presented by Boombah

As the summer season is slowly getting closer and closer, NPF Players stay busy during the off season. Whether it’s training, giving lessons, or playing overseas Jamee Juarez has done everything she can to prepare for the upcoming NPF summer season.

Ohio State University appreciated her efforts from 2004-2007. There she was named OSU Most Valuable Pitcher for three consecutive seasons (2005-07). She set OSU single season records for strikeouts (240) and saves (5). Juarez led the Big Ten in fewest walks per game (1.2) as OSU went 40-18 winning their second Big Ten Championship and first Big Ten Tournament Title.

In 2007 she was drafted in the NPF senior draft to the Akron Racers and went on the post a record of 13-6. She was named Akron’s Pitcher of the Year in her rookie season. Last summer she earned a .254 batting average with 31 hits, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 2 HRs and 13 RBIs.

This season Juarez will compete with the Chicago Bandits and she couldn’t me more excited…

Q: You were picked up by Chicago as a free agent, what are you most excited about to be a Bandit?
Jamee: I am excited about being a part of the Bandits  and starting a new journey in my softball career. I love that i have been welcomed with open arms by Owner Bill Sokolis and General Manager Aaron Moore which makes me want to get on the field even faster and show my talent.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment as an NPF Player?
Jamee: So far my most memorable moment about being a NPF player is having the opportunity to be a part of the Fall Back to School Fall presented by U.S.S.S.A. this past fall. I loved getting to know the other girls and interact with them on and off the field. Getting to travel all over the US to play against different colleges was awesome! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.

Q: Who was your mentor growing up and why?
Jamee: My parents were a big part of my softball career growing up. Main reason why I started playing. They kind of just threw me out there. My dad was my biggest fan and my biggest critic. He drove me to be better. He lived out his dream through me! :)

Q: How did you start playing softball?
Jamee: My parents threw a glove on me one day and said "let's play catch". Then they signed me up for the local Youth Softball League, coached me, and from there my softball career took off! I started playing at the age of 7. My mom was a pitcher and a short stop. My dad was a catcher.

Q: What have you been up to this off-season?
Jamee: This off-season I have been training every day, on and off the field. I have spent quality time with my family. I give lessons to all ages. I even go to the gym with my mom. I will play in Italy for 2 months to get ready for the NPF season! I will be leaving March 25th. I am excited for my new journey!

Q: What are you most excited about for the 2011 Season?
Jamee: I believe it's clear that I am super excited about being a Bandit and getting our season on the way. New season, new team, ready to rock and roll.

Q: You have become a part of Worth's FPX Advisory Board ....what does this mean for you in connecting with the grassroots level to help the growth of fastpitch and the NPF?
Jamee: Being a part of Worth FPX and connecting with the grassroots level gives Worth a stronger base to grow. Kids want what the pros have. So being a part of the Worth family and using their products allows me to share with kids of all ages and spread the word of the equipment. For the NPF as far as helping to grow - Connecting Worth FPX with NPF players will help get the NPF out there, get more followers, and people interested. I get the question all the time "why doesn't California have a team?"

Q: What part of your game have you really been focused on during the off-season?
Jamee: During the off-season i have really worked my mental game and focus. Taking everything one pitch at a time. Embracing me and my talent to help out my team this year.

Q: You started making headbands during the can fans get the Jamee Juarez headband?
Jamee: I have been making a ton of headbands this off-season. And really focusing on teams in the NPF colors. I am currently working on a Facebook page so fans can see what I have going on and I plan on taking them out to games to sell.

Q: Have you thought about your walk-out songs for this Season?  If so, what are they?
Jamee: I stick to 1 song and it's Suavemente. I have had it for the past 4 years in the league and it will stay with me this year. I have tried to change it up but it's just not the same. I am Hispanic and proud  to have come this far.  I want everyone to know it and it reminds me to stay smooth.