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NPF Announces New Partnership with RevFire

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- The National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) League announced today its new partnership with RevFire. RevFire’s product is a breakthrough tool for Pitchers and Coaches.

RevFire Corporation was founded in 1998.  Several patents have been secured by RevFire Corporation covering a variety of measurement techniques related to athletic performance.  The RevFire is the first product available from RevFire Corporation.  It was introduced to the world of baseball at the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in January of 2007, where it garnered a Best of Show award for new products.

"RevFire is at the cutting edge of measuring performance in baseball and softball pitching, so naturally we want to be involved with National Pro Fastpitch, which is the best league in women's pro sports," remarked Dave Marinelli, President of RevFire Corporation.  "NPF is the future of fastpitch, and not only do we want to align the RevFire brand with the league to promote our products, but we want to be a part of the growth and success of the league going forward.”

RevFire has revolutionary technology that measures speed and spin rate of baseball and softball pitches. Coaches now have the ability to evaluate pitching ability and technique with hard numbers, gain new insight into training methods, identify pitchers whose spin fades as they tire, and see who's breaking ball is 'on' in the bullpen.  The fact that the RevFire does not have to be held in line with the pitch and pointed at the pitcher changes the dynamics of pitching instruction.  The RevFire also adds a powerful new dimension to pitching prospect evaluation.

"I have been familiar with the RevFire technology since its inception and I am familiar with the benefits of the product. The NPF is pleased to continue to align with cutting edge companies such as RevFire. ” said NPF Commissioner, Cheri Kempf. “The continued involvement of our athletes with quality products such as the RevFire device is a win-win situation.”

About RevFire:
RevFire Corporation manufactures affordable technology for coaches and pitchers.  Easier to use than a radar gun, the RevFire products measure the spin of pitches as well as the speed, and yield dramatic results in improving the effectiveness of breaking ball pitches.  Learn more at or 866-414-3040.

About National Pro Fastpitch:
National Pro Fastpitch is headquartered in Nashville, TN. The League, created to give elite female fastpitch players the opportunity to pursue a professional career in their chosen sport, has operated since 1997 under the names of Women’s Pro Fastpitch (WPF) and Women’s Pro Softball League (WPSL).